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Cult Montreal wants your opinion! We aren’t sure about you, but we always look forward to seeing what people in this city are into. Filling this out is fun to do and its cool to be able to shift the popularity of otherwise unknown favorites. Cross your fingers to see if your votes make the list. Ya know, like Two Horses. *cough cough*

Click the link below and cast your votes! xx

Two Horses Tattoo & Hair Boutique for Cult Montreal Favorites




To get a spot email me directly: Thanks!


I am proud to announce that Two Horses Tattoo & Hair Boutique is finally up and running.  Come horse around with us and get yourself made over with new tattoos by yours truly and hair by Sara-Isobel Mulder. Here’s a link to our WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, and instagram fun at #twohorsesmtl

XX, The Two Horse team